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Chae Son
Chae Son, Lampang, Thailand 
I had a 2-week trip to study about vernacular architecture around Northern part of Thailand. This place was my most favourite. It was a police station at the corner of the street in a small village. I don't know exactly what this shelter was built for and I didn't know why I liked it so much .I just felt like I HAD TO paint this.
Cry A River

It was a rainy morning by the sea. I stayed up all night drinking and was a bit drunk. I couldn't help but let the tears streamed down my face because I was sad. One of my friends told me to stop crying because it was shameful. I remembered it too well that I started to question: Do I have to feel ashamed of crying? Do people judge me when I cry in public? Is it THAT shameful? 

When I was in school, no matter how sad I was, I never cried in public, not even once. Even on the graduation day when everybody cried, I sucked my tear in. I avoided to let anyone see me cry even my own family. I always wanted myself to look tough and strong, but the truth is: I am a crybaby. I cried very easily over every little things.The only place for me to cry safely was under my blanket and I always hated myself for doing that.

Until one day, while I was crying in front of the computer chatting with my best friend, she told me, " Crying actually makes you feel better, psychologically. Just cry your eyes out if you want to."

Those words have changed me forever.I still avoid to cry in public but I feel less ashamed to cry in front of others , or cry in my own space whenever I want to. Somehow I have forgotten how to suck my tears back in.

Crying doesnt make me weak. To me, it's just a pain and stress relief. 



Gift Lee
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
- My actual nickname is 'Gift Lee', you can call me Gift
- I'm Thai and now living in Thailand
- I'm not an English native speaker
- so please don't mind my language mistake.
- I'm now a 3rd year Architecture student at KMITL
- but you will never find Architectural works here.
- I hardly submit works here due to busy studying.
- I'm interested in illustrations
- both digital and traditional arts.
- I used to draw in manga-style.
- For me it was a big part of learning.
- But now I've got my own style.
- I like Matte Paintings, too! though I never try it before.
- Here are some of my favorite tools listed below
- Winsor&Newton Cotman Watercolor.
- Sekai and Rubens brushes.
- Wacom Tablet Intuos4 ( the smallest one)
- Adobe Photoshop CS6
I've been asked frequently about selling prints.
Honestly,I never thought about selling prints before
or making money in any kind of ways here.
Though I've joined DA for 7 years!

I have only few works.
(I mean those with my original style)
and that's all I got ... seriously. You've seen them all.
I've got some more in my personal Facebook account
but most of them are just old, undone sketches and doodles.
(and I don't have a Fan Page if that's what you're wondering haha)

But lately I've been considering selling prints.
Let me take some time to learn more about it
and I'll let you know if prints are available.

Well, if I start offering prints for sale would anyone be interested? :>

And for the 3rd time, unexpectedly and unbelievably
I got a DD, again! I'm running out of words to say. :thanks:
Thank you :iconiingo: and :iconjcroxas:!

ps. I just checked my account statistic.
"Every 327.1 days GiftLee uploads a new deviation'
LOL such a lazy artist.



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